Swindle Trading was born 3 years ago, a blog for sharing monetary analysis on the most important stock indexes. We carried out these analyses patiently, and with great generosity every day. In these 3 years, hundreds of traders have had the opportunity to know and appreciate our way of reading and operating on the markets. Swindle Trading shared a method that we have refined over time, the result of Bruno Nappini’s twenty years of experience on the markets.

Sunnymoney was born as a rebranding project of Swindle Trading.

A rebranding that is a fundamental step for us, with the aim of systematizing the contents, the experience, the value of all these years together.

And it is a first step towards the greater goal of spreading our model, based on professionalism and common sense, to the community of traders, investors and enthusiasts. We will continue to share our analysis on the positioning of operators at no cost, we have created over 40 free video lessons with increasing difficulty to transfer our knowledge to you and put you in a position to read the market and operate in complete autonomy. We have also created paid operational content, with all our knowledge, we support with coaching and with Telegram to all of you who want to master our method and shed light on the markets together.

To each of you, our best wishes for a good trading!


Born in 1963 and Tuscan DOC.

He has a background in Classical Studies and a Degree in Political Science at the University of Siena.

Since 1991 he has been working professionally in the financial markets.

Over the years he has specialized in the construction and management of portfolios in options and futures on the main European and American underlyings.

He carries out training and mentoring activities by participating as a speaker at conferences and round tables and collaborates with leading financial institutions and web publications. He is a professional Coach according to Italian Law n.4 of 13 January 2013.

Bruno Nappini - fondatore Sunnymoney.it


A team of professional traders who take care of the management of the website, editorial content, video courses, technology and everything necessary to support Bruno in debunking the old beliefs of trading and spreading the MC4 method.