Can I repeat Bruno’s operations on the markets?

Bruno’s operations on the markets are shared with PRO users for the sole purpose of entertainment, study and training with real data.
We are not financial advisors, we do not solicit investment transactions in the securities we analyze, we do not want to raise money from you and, yes of course, we really make the trades we say we do, so we have absolutely an interest in the performance of the financial instruments analyzed.
We want to share a method and help you think for yourself.
For these reasons we do not provide signals, either for free or for a fee, and we will never provide them.
We therefore do not take responsibility for your operations.
The use of data and information to support your investment choices is at your own risk.

How do I contact you?

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We will be happy to answer you

I was expecting entry and exit signs

This website does more than just give you entry and exit signals. It teaches you a method of reading and trading, as a result of decades of experience on the markets by its founders and its team.
It is not easy to mirror the operations of other people, for many reasons: market conditions and opportunities, capitalization, psychological strength, etc.

Our goal is to spread a modern and innovative trading system, replacing the old technical analysis. And we don’t want to sell off or trivialize the seriousness we put into what we do every day: for this reason, we ask for a contribution that you can easily recoup from the markets with a single trade, a trade that you will have done with your own head.

Why didn’t you update the data as scheduled?

As indicated in the terms of use, we are not obliged to make all the updates that you find indicated in the daily program. For example, it is possible that there are no events that we consider significant, in particular on days of flat calm where nothing happens, or when data are temporarily unavailable.
As you can also appreciate in the free video lessons, the MC4 method is a method that filters noise and stress. It aims at the quality of information, rather than quantity.
Conversely, we can assure you that will we update the site and the Telegram group much more than often, if there are significant news.