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The derivatives: basic elements

Introduction to derivatives

In this course we introduce derivatives, an interesting subject that scares the layman, partly because of an apparent complexity of management, partly because of the images that are reported to us by the media. Derivatives are accused of being the evil of modern finance, instruments of death and speculation aimed at ruining the real economy and jobs. In reality, derivatives are like kitchen knives: it all depends on their use!

Options: basic elements and strategies

Let's start with examples

In this section we provide you with the knowledge and tools to manage trades with options. They are fantastic tools with enormous flexibility. Whether you are an aspiring trader or a long-term investor, you will notice the huge benefits that mastering these concepts can bring to your trading. They are non-linear tools that allow us to reduce the risk of our money put on the market and at the same time increase the probability of profit.

Options: prices and volatility

Greeks, moneyness and skew

In this course we deepen complex concepts, trying to make them simple and understandable as it is in our style. Let's examine the components of the price of options with a hint of the Black and Sholes formula, the Greeks, moneyness, implied volatility and volatility skew: all interdependent elements whose deep knowledge brings substantial benefits to the operations of every trader and investor.

Money management

Management of capital and psychological issues

Do you really think trading is all about knowing where to enter and where to exit? Do you believe that a price knows that it is at the end of a quarterly cycle, that it is inside a wedge formed by a Gann fan, or that it is resting on a colored moving average? Far from it. Trading is primarily money management. And in this course we try to dismantle some false beliefs.

The MC4 system

Our method to read and trade the financial markets

In this course we tell you about our proprietary MC4 system, a 4-tile puzzle that relates prices, money, volumes and volatility to read the market. The analyses conducted with MC4 make it possible to describe the contingent situation in an objective way and to evaluate the positioning of the large market operators in order to act accordingly.

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