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Take the self-study tests! In this way you can measure your level of knowledge of options and derivatives before and after attending our video lessons

Derivatives: basic elements

In this quiz you will be able to assess your basic knowledge of derivatives and futures. These notions are preparatory to learning options!

Options: strategies

In this quiz you will be able to evaluate your knowledge on options strategies and operational management. Can you read an option payoff? Juggle calls, puts, spreads, ladders and strangles!

Options: prices and volatility

In this quiz you will measure yourself with the more technical concepts of options: Greek, implied volatility, skew and moneyness. Try to archive 100%!

The MC4 system

In this quiz you will be able to test yourself on the knowledge of our MC4 model for reading the markets. There is also some practical question!

Find words: options

In this game you have to search and highlight the words proposed by the system. Warning! Words can be written in all directions!